Forbidden rice noodles with Fermented Tea Leaves Dressing and Seasonal vegetables

fermented tea leaves dressing

Forbidden rice noodles with Fermented Tea Leaves Dressing and Seasonal vegetables 

Fermented Tea Leaves Dressing

Serving: approx. 1 (16oz) Mason Jar

6 tablespoons of good quality dried tea leaves (I use gyokuro) 
1 teaspoon of ginger powder
1 stalk of green onion
1 tablespoon of garlic powder
4-5 tablespoon brine of the cultured vegetables
1 teaspoon of Ume plum vinegar
A pinch of Himalayan salt
Cayenne pepper powder (optional)
1 cup of olive oil/avocado oil

To brew gyokuro
Put the tea leaves into a teapot
Add 180 ml water (50-60 degree C ) 
Steep for approx. 2 mins
Repeat the process for 3 to 4 times
Enjoy the tea. 

Transfer the tea leaves into a glass jar ( sterilize the jar with hot water) 
Add ginger powder, green onion, garlic powder, ume plum vinegar and brine of the cultured vegetables
Cover with a lid
Place it in a dark place in the kitchen for about 3-5 days
(After that I usually put the mixture in the fridge for a month, but you can skip this step) 

Put the mixture in a blender
Add oil
Blend the mixture until smooth
Pour it into a glass jar
Fill the jar with more olive oil/avocado oil (optional) 
Close the lid and let it sit in the refrigerator for 1-2 days
The tea leaves dressing is ready to use


Forbidden Rice Noodles

2-3 oz of dried pad thai ( I used lotus food forbidden pad thai ) 
Bring water to boil in a pot
Add dried noodles
Boil for 5 mins (stir occasionally)
Drain then put the noodles in ice filtered water for a minute (u can skip this step)
Drain and rinse under cold filtered water
Really to use

Put the noodles in a mixing bowl
Add 3-4 tablespoons of tea leaves dressing (more or less to taste) 
Mix well
Add seasonal vegetables

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