Our matcha moments

Our matcha moments with Three Tea Bowls

Starting the day with our morning ritual. Matcha has become an essential part of our lives. Preparing a bowl of matcha is meditative, the experience brings us back in the moment. The exquisite grassy, toasty, sweet smell reminds me of nature; and having a bowl of matcha with loved ones at home brings us countless peaceful and joyful moments.


I want to take this opportunity to thank Harvesting Love Events for planning and styling this beautiful photoshoot, Meghan Mehan our talented photographer for taking these stunning photos (who is also a matcha lover !), Hawthorn Flower Studio for all the beyond beautiful ikebana inspired florals, Victoria Toda for make-up and hairstyling and our delicious, high-quality ceremonial matcha Three Tea Bowls .

Story Details (as seen on https://cottagehill.co/)

Photography by Meghan Mehan Planner + Stylist, Lorraine Lee of Harvesting Love Events Florist, Melanie Tom of Hawthorn Flower Studio Hair & Makeup by Victoria Toda Matcha, Three Tea Bowls Home, Elaine Lam of Eggplant Diary Sisters: Elaine Lam, Gigi Lam, Eunice Lam